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The Institute of Medical and Business Careers (IMBC) always encourages employment and hiring promotions from within the organization, whenever qualified employees are available and show they are interested.
IMBC employees are urged to contact the School Management if they feel they are qualified for any announced employment opportunity.

The Institute of Medical and Business Careers may decide at any time to reduce or change the status and title of a position that is posted.
Please submit letter of interest, resume and work references to the school management. The e-mail address, fax number and the mailing address is listed below.

Institute of Medical and Business Careers Equity Vision Statement:
At IMBC, we believe that institutional equity reflects our continued commitment to a community where everyone is both valued and respected. Institutional equity encompasses racial, ethnic, gender and religious diversity, cultural perspectives, national origins, sexual orientation, physical ability, as well as socioeconomic contexts, and educational backgrounds.

We are dedicated to developing a diverse population by fostering an environment where intellectual and social growth, individual perspectives, and all human experiences are valued. We strive to be an inclusive community that celebrates and embraces differences as a means of responding to the cultural and social demands of a global society. Inherent in our inclusion efforts is a strong commitment to intercultural and global education to produce and include citizens who will serve as educational, social, economic and cultural ambassadors to the world.

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