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Did you know…over 50% of all man-made products rely on welding training programs. From the trains, cars and planes we travel in, to the buildings where we work, live in, or even the computers we work on… they all require a welding spot before becoming full functional.  Learn more about our welding training program today!

Many welders find themselves working in exciting jobs outside of the realm of manufacturing. NASCAR teams travel with welders in their pit crews to help construct and repair custom cars and equipment. Welders travel the seas repairing cruise ships, to far-off territories in Canada and Alaska to install pipelines, and to the bottom of the ocean to work on projects requiring specialized skills.

Our Welding Technology program can help welders of all skill levels succeed – from those just entering the field to seasoned veterans. Now more than ever, professional welding is in high demand. Opportunities are abundant in fields and industries across the country. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure companies and individuals alike have a chance to learn what they need to succeed. Whether you need to learn welding basics or are looking for a new way to improve welding processes in your business, IMBC’s Welding training program has the resources for you.

Welding employment opportunities are great in Northwest Pennsylvania Erie & Crawford counties.  Some major employers in the tri-state area include General Electric, Eriez Magnetics, Ridg-U-Rak, Don Jon Shipyard, Custom Engineering and McShane Welding.  Our Career Services department will work with each student individually to create a Career plan.

You’ll learn from basic welding applications to more advanced, sophisticated welding techniques including mig, tig, pipe & structural metal welding. Courses in plasma, destructive and non-destructive testing and quality control help ensure that students have a thorough understanding of the field of welding and its applications in a variety of work settings.
Safety and occupational health are important courses within the curriculum. Students must be aware and abide by the safety procedures and regulations governing welding and the entire welding environment.

At Institute of Medical and Business Careers, you’ll learn more than the skills you need to get a job – you’ll learn what you need to build a lifelong, successful career, or begin a second chapter if you’re a dislocated worker. Welding is a profession in high demand – and that’s great news for graduates of our program.
We’ve thought of everything that you need to launch a successful career in welding.  Give us a call today to learn more about how you can be among our successful graduates.

Institute of Medical and Business Careers has partnered with global companies such as AWS ( American Welding Society) and Lincoln Electric to bring a state of the art welding experience to each student.  Welding Certifications may provide a student with numerous employment opportunities.  Learn more about Erie’s newest welding training school today!


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