Associate in Specialized Business Degree

Our Accounting Degree provides fundamental accounting courses that introduce the student to basic accounting principles. This is augmented by computerized accounting to prepare the student for the integrated systems found in  most firms.  Specialized accounting courses provide the student with a broad background of other accounting techniques.

The student is instructed in Microsoft Word with the ability to create many types of documents such as letters, memos and reports. A course in Microsoft Excel teaches concepts and applications, entering common spread- sheet formulas, sorting data, and exporting spreadsheet files. Students take an introductory course in keyboarding allowing the student to achieve speed and accuracy for entering data into a system. This course is designed to help the student attain a level of forty words per minute. The  student studies major office software programs while using the Microsoft Windows operating system to manipulate information, to think analytically, and to use the computer as a productivity tool.

General education electives such as American Government, College Communications, and Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing strengthen the student’s ability to communicate effectively and to solve common business problems.

The student also receives instruction in the techniques of finding and retaining a job. Topics include interviewing skills, human relations, resumé preparation, team building,  professional appearance and  behavior, workplace dynamics and ethics, and development of good work habits.

An internship enables the  student to  gain on-the-job experience in this area of concentration. The student assumes a wide variety of  duties and responsibilities which relate directly to this career choice.

Graduates of this program may find entry level employment in  accounting offices in  both small and large companies. Graduates may  qualify for  employment positions in accounts payable, accounts receiv- able, and payroll departments as  assistants / trainees. Graduates may qualify for bookkeeping positions and support positions in accounting offices or as assistants to auditors and accountants in various businesses.

* Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Exams are third party certifications offered through Certiport Testing Centers.  IMBC is an authorized Certiport Testing Center making certification testing convenient for students. Certification Exams are not required for employment; however, employers understand students passing voluntary, third party, certification exams validate their competencies, skills and abilities in the specialized field of study. IMBC believes students passing certification exams have a more competitive employment advantage for being hired over students with no certification. The cost of both professional exams are included in the training program.