Student Clinics

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Student Clinic introduces the student to the on-site clinical practicum. It enables the students to gain confidence and practical experience while under the supervision of the Massage Instructor.

IMBC’s School of Massage Therapy  programs offers student massage clinics to the public at our location at 133 Jefferson Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. Offering Pittsburgh Massage clinics give our students “real-life” experience through our in-house “open to the public” clinics. Our student clinic helps our students prepare for their new medical career. All massages are provided by advanced students of our school.

Student Clinic Course Objective:

To provide the students the opportunity to practice Massage Therapy in a supervised setting utilizing their clinical as well as their business skills. In this class, in addition to their clinical skills, students practice professionalism, communication skills, bookkeeping and office management skills.

Students are encouraged to recruitment family / friends and individuals from the community for a great hands-on experience. These clients allow the students to practice the manual skills they learn in class and to practice the skills needed to successfully run the business aspects of a practice. Students learn to keep client records, file, schedule appointments, and write reports to communicate with doctors, insurance companies, attorneys, and other health care professionals.

Massage Clinic Hours & Fee Schedule:

Clinics open to the public Tuesday and Friday mornings

  • Massage Clinic: $25 / hour

 Massage Clinic Services

We offer a variety of services at discounted prices. Our student therapists, under the supervision of their instructors, can provide soothing and relaxing massages using a variety of different modalities. Our student clinic is just what you need to relax!

Services Offered and Prices

Name Price Description
1 Hour Full Body Massage $20.00 Relaxing Swedish massage that uses gentle, flowing strokes and deep compressions to relax the body and increase circulation. Massage cream or oil is used.
½ Hour Targeted Massage $12.00 Swedish massage focusing on a problem area of the body. Massage Cream or oil is used.
1/2 Hour Chair Massage $10.00 Full body massage done on a massage chair that allows the client to keep their clothes on. No cream or oil is used.
15 Chair Massage $5.00 Massage focused on the back and arms also done in the chair.
1/2 Hour Back Exfoliation $15.00 A back massage using sugar and oil to exfoliate the back. Leaves the back feeling smooth and helps to prevent acne.
Paraffin Dip & Hand Massage $10.00 Hand is dipped in paraffin wax after being exfoliated with a sugar scrub. Wax is removed when dried and hand is massage.
1 Hour Trigger Point Massage $20.00 Client remains clothed while therapist evaluated muscle restrictions. Therapist uses gentle pressure, stretches, and joint movements to relieve pain caused by trigger points.
1 Hour Swedish Hot Stones $20.00 Full body Swedish massage using hot stones in place of therapist hands.
1 Hour Japanese Hot Stones $20.00 250 year-old massage technique utilizing hot stones to increase circulation and relax the body.
1 Hour Shiatsu Massage $20.00  Massage technique done on a padded mat placed on the ground that uses acupuncture to relieve tight muscles.
30 Minute Reflexology – Foot $15.00 Reflexology is a technique that uses reflex points to provide relief to the organs by relaxing the nerves that simulate them.

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