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What is a business administration degree?

Business administration is a broad term that encompasses many activities related to running a business or set of business processes. A degree in business administration usually includes both general and specialized study in one or more of the following areas: accounting, finance, marketing, sales, technology, human resources and operations. Some colleges offer highly specialized degrees in a specific industry such as energy or healthcare.

There are many different types of business administration degrees, or levels of degrees. These include associate degrees, which typically can be earned in two years or less. Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees are also offered at many academic institutions.

Why earn a degree in business?

Earning a degree in business might help you fine tune your skills and broaden your capabilities when it comes to a wide range of business-related tasks. For example, at the Institute of Medical and Business Careers (IMBC), students in the business program will study accounting, computers, management, keyboarding and public speaking. College degrees help you round out your skills, often making you a more attractive job candidate in the eye of an employer, especially compared to candidates that only have a high school diploma.

When you are studying business, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different occupations which will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and zero in on your interests.

Many schools offer multiple versions of business administration degrees, like IMBC. The school offers an associate of specialized business (A.S.B.) in marketing and management, or accounting. These are two very different skills so if you are unsure about which one is right for you, it’s best to start by speaking with someone at the college before enrolling. An admissions team member can help you understand your goals, career objectives, interests and strengths; and then make a recommendation as to which program is right for you.

Where will I work with a degree in business administration?

After obtaining your degree in business administration, you might have an opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries and environments. Degree holders can typically find employment with a small business, large corporation or anywhere in between. A business administration degree offers good flexibility when it comes to choosing an industry too — as degree holders are found in just about any industry — from automotive to zoology.

Studying business can be a great way to prepare for a career that might one day involve management of people, processes or locations. This might include managing a retail store, restaurant, manufacturing plant, non-profit, government agency and more.

With a degree in specialized business, you’ll have an opportunity to study several different subjects while you earn your college degree. Then, you can work with the career services department at your college to explore job opportunities with employers in the industries you favor. Some job opportunities might require relocating; but for the right job, why not?