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3 steps for getting started as a medical records technician

Ready to get a little more serious about becoming a medical records technician but not sure what first step to take? In this article, we’ll cover three steps for getting started as a medical records technician:

  1. Training
  2. Certification
  3. Job Search

Medical Records Technician Training

If a career in medical records technology makes sense for you, the first step in getting started is to select a good training program. If you are a busy individual that doesn’t have time to go back to school full-time, then an online degree in medical records might be your best option. Schools like the Institute for Medical and Business Careers (IMBC), offer an online associate degree in medical records technology that you can complete part-time and completely online.

You’ll want to make sure that the online program in medical record technology is taught by a school that is accredited. Accreditation means that the school has met certain quality standards from an independent nonprofit and U.S.-government-authorized organization.

Medical Records Technician Certification

After you obtain your associate degree in medical records technology, thinking about obtaining your certification. Most top online medical records technician programs will help you prepare for your certification. Schools like IMBC, for example, may even pay for your first round of certification exams. Two certifications relevant for medical records technicians include:

  • Nationally Registered Certified Coding Specialist (NRCCS)
  • Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS)

While certification is not required to find a medical records technician job, it might help get you hired. If an employer has to choose between multiple candidates for a job, and one has a certification while the others do not, a certified medical records technician might have an edge. It shows employers that you have obtained the basic skills necessary for success.

Finding Medical Records Technician Jobs

Starting your job search is not hard. You should always begin by contacting your school’s career services department. They may have partnerships with employers looking to hire medical records technicians and can directly connect you without a lot of back-and-forth. They can also help you find jobs by showing you the best websites, assisting with your résumé and helping you prepare for an interview.

If you are ready to start your medical records technician search on your own, there are a number of different websites to visit that can help you find jobs in your town. Or, consider looking outside of your local area, as sometimes it makes sense to relocate for the right job. Here are some websites to get you started: