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The Popularity of Online Associate of Business Degrees

Business Meeting of Young Professionals

Business courses are quite popular, demonstrated by the fact you can find a business degree program in-person or online at almost every post-secondary institution in the U.S. The demand is likely the result of several factors, including the versatility of the degree. Put another way, a business degree can open up doors in many different career paths, from hospitality and retail to technology and automotive.

If you are interested in earning a degree in the business field, an online associate business degree may be perfect for you!

Keep reading to learn more about online degrees in business, job outlooks and what you will likely study in various programs.

Associate of Specialized Business (A.S.B.)

If you are interested in earning a business degree but you do not want to pursue a bachelor’s degree because you would prefer to begin working sooner, an associate degree is a great way to get started and fast track your education. Bachelor’s degrees can often take twice as long as an associate. At our school, you can earn your associate of specialized business degree in marketing and management, in about a year and a half (typical time, though it does vary from student-to-student depending on many factors.) Also, with fewer classes, you will have a lower tuition bill, and that is a good thing!

Career Options with a Business Degree

Do you enjoy marketing or managing social media communities?

Businesses of all types need entry-level associates familiar with the latest social media trends, community management, marketing tactics, and technology. These roles are crucial for growing a business, regardless of industry. Small and large businesses alike share these common needs. In fact, so do nonprofits and government agencies at all levels.

Officer Workers

Job Outlook

Your job outlook will depend on many factors, such as where you live, the size of the organization you join, your prior work experience, and the industry you join. 

For example, the job outlook for professionals in public relations is expected to grow by about five percent in the coming years. 

Many organizations will substitute work experience for college education, and vice versa. So the more education you have, the less prior work experience you may need. Employers view education as an important factor in determining your ability to succeed.

In fact, many employers have education programs as part of the employee benefits programs. This means that after you begin working, you may be eligible to continue your education part-time and receive some type of stipend to help offset the cost of tuition as you pursue your bachelor’s in business administration or even eventually a master’s. Each employer is different, so check with them before applying to understand your benefits.

Another example is a career in insurance or healthcare. The job outlook for this field is expected to grow by around 10%, which is much faster than average. Additionally, the mean salary for this field is above average.

What You’ll Learn

What you’ll study depends on the concentration of your business degree, which varies from school to school. At IMBC, our specialized associate degree focuses on marketing and management.

Courses at IMBC include management, customer relations, team building, business, finance, human resources, business law, accounting basics, marketing, sales, social media, digital marketing, search marketing, and more. You’ll also take courses on Microsoft Office applications including Excel and Word.

Which Degree Is the Best Option for You?

When it comes to choosing an online associate business degree, it is important to factor your skills and personality into your decision.

What are your strengths? Are you persuasive? Or, are you compassionate and kind to people from all walks of life? Do you like being creative, technical, helpful? Are you a people person or a problem solver?

These are important questions to ask yourself as you start any degree program. To learn more about our programs, browse our selection, or reach out to us today!