These patients leave a paw print on your heart…

                               become a Veterinary Technician.




The Veterinary Technician program at Institute of Medical and Business Careers trains students to become veterinary health care specialists who work with veterinarians, patients, and clients in an ethical and professional manner. IMBC students will develop technical skills, develop problem-solving skills while maintaining respect for their patients.

The Veterinary Technician program at IMBC offers a rewarding career. Students are trained in the healthcare and handling of household pets, exotic animals, birds, and large animals. Some of the program topics include anatomy and physiology, radiology, parasitology, medical and surgical nursing, anesthesia, pharmacology. Graduates will be prepared to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).

The hands-on experience in this IMBC program offers a real-world perspective of the veterinary technician career. Students will spend time throughout the program with area veterinary practices, stables, local animal shelters and rescue groups, getting experience with preventative medicine, observing surgeries, performing wellness care, dental care, and administering vaccines.

Under direct veterinary supervision, graduates will possess the knowledge to administer anesthesia, perform dental prophylaxis, establish an open airway, administer resuscitative oxygen procedures, administer external cardiac resuscitation, and administer drugs in the event of cardiac arrest.