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There are many types of bodywork that can help fibromyalgia pain, but often the source of that pain is actually myofascial trigger points. To get at the cause of your pain you need a therapist who understands myofascial dysfunction. There is only one school presently teaching myofascial trigger point therapy course and that is The Institute of Medical and Business Careers. Their graduates are leading the way in the current understanding and practice of alleviating chronic pain.”

Devin Starlanyl, M.D.

I found that the training I received brought me a much deeper understanding of how the muscles interact with each other. Many of these muscles, such as the Subscapularis of the quadratus Lumborum were never touched therapeutically in my physical therapist assistant training or my massage training. I am a much more effective and thorough therapist now and do not depend on electrical modalities to do the job that my hands and fingers can do.”

Carol Simcheck, LMT, PTA, CMTPT

I have been studying, teaching, and learning all my life. No part of my education was more satisfying than my training at The Institute of Medical and Business Careers. I love my new career as a myofascial trigger point therapist.”

Edward M. O’Keefe, Ph.D.
Former Academic Dean,
Niagara County Community College, SUNY

My choice to attend the Institute of Medical and Business Careers was the best decision I have ever made. My teachers were extremely dedicated to my success and they have prepared me thoroughly for my career. I have worked very hard (many late nights studying) to get where I am today. My success was my own doing and the Institute of Medical and Business Careers has played an important part in helping me achieve my goals. With the school’s help and my determination, I have secured a job that with UPMC working in their Hospital Outpatient Coding Department specializing in Diagnosis, CPT, and Same Day Surgery coding. I love my new career and am looking forward to continuing my education and having a fantastic future.”

Susan Lynn Bittner
Outpatient Hospital Coding
UPMC Health Information Management Department