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What Can Medical Office Administration Training Online Do for Me?

Medical Office Administrator

Dreaming of a career where you can make a positive impact on the lives of others? It is possible to make a big difference without having to spend years in college and thousands in tuition payments for medical education.

There are many other career options available in healthcare, and it is a great industry for many reasons. Experts predict that jobs in healthcare will grow by around 15% in the next decade, adding around 2.4 million new jobs. 

Medical office administration training online could be exactly the right option if you are looking for a varied and rewarding career in healthcare, but do not necessarily want to be around a lot of “blood and guts”. Read on to find out more about this interesting career choice, which combines clerical work with patient support. 

What Is Medical Office Administration?

Medical office administration is a broad area. The main principle, though, is that medical office administrators assist clinical staff in running their facilities. This is a unique role, as it involves both direct and indirect patient interaction. Duties might include:

  • Answering the phone and dealing with queries from patients and care providers
  • Working at a reception desk, greeting patients and checking them into the facility
  • Scheduling appointments using electronic booking systems
  • Taking patient histories before appointments or treatment
  • Managing medical records, including charts and lab reports
  • Addressing and submitting insurance claims
  • Managing stock levels and ordering office and clinical supplies

A career in medical office administration requires a combination of organizational and interpersonal skills. Medical office administration training will also include learning transferrable skills that can benefit you in a number of other career fields. These include typing, computer literacy, and communication skills.

Aspects of Medical Office Administration Training 

If you are considering medical office administration as a career option, you probably want to know exactly what you are likely to be learning when you choose this program. Most medical office administration training programs will cover the following areas:

Computer Software and Office Skills 

Working in healthcare will involve using computers. Courses will cover basics including standard Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)

Specialized medical software will also be included. You will learn how to book appointments and also how to manage billing processes.  

Clerical Tasks for the Medical Office 

To be an effective medical office administrator, you will need to know how to organize and manage patient records. This includes all the rules about confidentiality (HIPAA). You will also learn how to run a reception desk efficiently, and provide the best customer service to patients and colleagues. 

You will learn how to manage inventory and order stock. This includes both office supplies and clinical equipment. You will also find out about insurance plans and how to order bloodwork and various other tests for patients. 

Human Body 3D

Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

It is critical for medical office administrators to understand the language of their workplace. Part of the medical administrator’s role may be to assist with taking a patient’s medical history. Therefore you will need to have a basic understanding of the human body.

It is important to learn all the relevant medical terminology too. This is the specialist language that relates to common clinical conditions, treatments, and procedures. You will need to understand this when working with correspondence and documentation relating to insurance claims. 

Where do Medical Office Administrators Work?

You might be wondering what sort of working environment you might end up in after you have completed your program. The great news is that there are many varied and exciting opportunities available to medical office administrators.

Many medical office administrators work in hospitals, in large multi-disciplinary teams. The roles are likely to be more specialized due to the size of the facility. One advantage of working in a hospital setting is that there are likely to be more opportunities for career development.

Clinics are usually smaller and limited to fewer specialties, which allows medical office administrators to focus on one area of expertise. You may find that customer service is a focus of these roles, and you might have a better work-life balance due to more consistent working hours. 

Medical office administrators who work in private practice are likely to have a wider set of responsibilities. Flexibility is essential in these settings, along with the ability to multi-task. A smaller amount of staff can lead to a stronger sense of team, resulting in a rewarding working environment. 

Benefits of Medical Office Administration Training Online

Now may be a great time to pursue a career in medical office administration for you. The industry has an upward trend in terms of demand and offers a rewarding and varied future in the workplace. Maybe it is difficult for you to consider attending school right now in-person?

IMBC offers an online diploma for those who want to become a medical office administrator but who would prefer to study remotely. The  program length is around 12 months and includes all of the elements listed above. 

By undertaking medical office administration training online, you can study on your own schedule. You will learn the administrative, clerical, and practical skills needed to support the running of a medical office.

For the online option, there is no internship required and the entire program can be completed remotely. This enables you to work flexibly around your existing commitments.  

There is also no formal requirement to be certified before you begin working. As soon as you finish the program, you can start to look for work. You can expect support from the career team at IMBC in helping you to find the right job at the end of your program. 

Taking the next step

Are you a naturally organized and practical person? Then a career as a medical office administrator could be the perfect choice for you. This is a job role that is focused on helping others. You would be supporting patients and colleagues to deliver the very best in care, which is a rewarding way to spend your time. 

Are you convinced of the benefits of medical office administration training online? Are you ready to take the next step to advance your career? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your training needs.